Cermet Circular Saw Blades

Cermet – Cermet Coated
Code 3040 and 3070

The term CERMET comes from the mix of CERAMIC and METAL materials.

The ceramic phase is amorphous, it achieves excellent resistance to oxidation and high hardness even at high temperatures. The metallic phase provides higher mechanical strength, ductility and resistance to thermal shock.

CERMET circular saw blades are the latest technology in cutting tools. Studies and technological advances have provided to CERMET improvements of its physical and chemical properties, increasing its tenacity and its mechanical resistance due to the high chemical stability and the small tendency to diffuse. It offers a drastic reduction of bracking and the wear of the cutting edges. Although still in development the CERMET have been very efficient for the cutting tools, providing minimum material loss, very high yield and productivity, greater than the regular carbide saws blades, without the need resharpening.

Cutting of material and tubes of thick walls> 8mm.

Diameters from 250 to 460 mm.