HSS Circular Saw Blades

Guidance parameters for application and identification of the HSS saw blades:
Choice of saw blade with diameter compatible with machine specification. (Also check the shaft, central hole and pin holes).
Identify the type of material to be cut in the columns below.
Evaluate the size of the cut material in the lines below (wall or solid profile).
At the intersection of columns (Material Cut) and line (Material Dimension) the appropriate pitch will be identified.
Use the formula below to calculate the number of saw teeth.
Always use refrigeration recommended by the machine manufacturer.
Clamp the material securely.
At the first sign of increased cutting effort, proceed immediately to sharpen the saw.


Linha Cristal
Circular HSS sem Vapor
Cód. 3013 e 3016

Linha Zircônia
Circular HSS vaporizada
Cód. 3013

Linha Safira
Circular HSS Tin-Al
Cód. 3053

Linha Ônix
Circular HSS Cromax
Cód. 3053