Serras Circulares Metal Duro

• APPLICATION: Furniture – Carpenter – Forest – Agriculture.

• CHARACTERISTICS: Diameters from 150 up to 1.600 mm.

Serras Circulares de Cermet

• APPLICATION: Cutting of solid materials and thick wall pipes (> 8 mm)

• CHARACTERISTICS: Diameters from 250 to 460 mm.

Serras Metal Duro - Camelo

• APPLICATION: Cutting of ferrous metals such as steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass and others.

• CHARACTERISTICS: This saw blade consists of a central heat treated disc made of special steel with carbide inserts. Diameters from 150 mm up to 2.000 mm.

Serras de Fricção e de Corte à Quente

• APPLICATION: Friction saw blades are recommended for pipe cutting and thin wall profiles. Hot saws are recommended for temperatures above 850 ° C.

• CHARACTERISTICS: Both are built in special tempered steels. Diameter from 250 to 2,100 mm.

Metal Duro

• APPLICATION: Cutting of metals – bars, blocks, tubes, profiles, exotic and abrasive alloys. Cutting of various materials.

• CHARACTERISTICS: Band of tempered alloy with HSS or Carbide teeth. Widths from 6 to 80 mm.

Serras Circulares HSS

• APPLICATION: Cutting of steel tubes and profiles and metals in general.

• CHARACTERISTICS: Diameters from 200 to 630 mm, with CROMAX coating, vaporized or bright.


• APPLICATION: Cut of diversified materials – hydraulic hoses, rubber, plastics, polymers, fabrics, leather, paper, cellulose and fibers in general.

• CHARACTERISTICS: Diameter from 180 to 1,000 mm.


• APPLICATION: Cutting of metals in general, mainly non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and brass.

• CHARACTERISTICS: Alloy steel body with a crown of HSS segments. Diameter from 315 to 1,250 mm.

Linha Topázio
Fita Duran EX / Fita Duran BM
Cód. 3042

• APPLICATION: Wood and furniture industry. Wood cutting in sawmills and cutting of wood in general, mainly in the manufacture of furniture.

• CHARACTERISTICS: High-alloy steel band thermally treated with hardened teeth, HSS or carbide. Widths froming 6 to 304.8 mm.