Over a century of experience

The history of WS | Wagner Lennartz Serras begins in Reutlingen, Germany, with the foundation of Wagner Maschinenfabrik in 1890 where, in addition to saws, he manufactured industrial cutting machines. In 1896, in Remscheid, Germany, Gebr. Lennartz was founded, currently considered the world’s leading reference in large metal saws.

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Serras Circulares Metal Duro

• APPLICATION: Furniture – Carpenter – Forest – Agriculture

• CHARACTERISTICS: Diameters from 150 up to 1.600 mm.

Serras Circulares de Cermet

• APPLICATION: Cutting of solid materials and thick wall pipes (> 8 mm).

• CHARACTERISTICS: Diameters from 250 to 460 mm.

Serras Metal Duro - Camelo

• APPLICATION: Cutting of ferrous metals such as steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass and others.

• CHARACTERISTICS: This saw blade consists of a central heat treated disc made of special steel with carbide inserts. Diameters from 150 mm up to 2.000 mm.

Serras de Fricção e de Corte à Quente

• APPLICATION: Friction saw blades are recommended for pipe cutting and thin wall profiles. Hot saws are recommended for temperatures above 850 ° C.

• CHARACTERISTICS: Both are built in special tempered steels. Diameter from 250 to 2,100 mm.

Metal Duro

• APPLICATION: Cutting of metals – bars, blocks, tubes, profiles, exotic and abrasive alloys. Cutting of various materials.

• CHARACTERISTICS: Band of tempered alloy with HSS or Carbide teeth. Widths from 6 to 80 mm.

Serras Circulares HSS

• APPLICATION: Cutting of steel tubes and profiles and metals in general.

• CHARACTERISTICS: Diameters from 200 to 630 mm, with CROMAX coating, vaporized or bright.


• APPLICATION: Cut of diversified materials – hydraulic hoses, rubber, plastics, polymers, fabrics, leather, paper, cellulose and fibers in general.

• CHARACTERISTICS: Diameter from 180 to 1,000 mm.


• APPLICATION: Cutting of metals in general, mainly non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and brass.

• CHARACTERISTICS: Alloy steel body with a crown of HSS segments. Diameter from 315 to 1,250 mm.

Linha Topázio
Fita Duran EX / Fita Duran BM
Cód. 3042

• APPLICATION: Wood and furniture industry. Wood cutting in sawmills and cutting of wood in general, mainly in the manufacture of furniture.

• CHARACTERISTICS: High-alloy steel band thermally treated with hardened teeth, HSS or carbide. Widths froming 6 to 304.8 mm.


icone-nossaMissao OUR MISSION

Offer to the industrial market the best solutions of mechanized cutting, using saw blades of high performance.


To be a reference of quality and service in the Latin American market, in saw blades and industrial mechanized cutting solutions.


Contribute to a better world based on ethics, human respect, sustainability and continnuous evolution.